Something Out of Nothing


There’s something especially fulfilling about creating and building value out of nothing. It starts out as a crazy thought or perhaps chicken scratch on a napkin. Maybe it’s lunch with buddies. Maybe it’s dinner with your significant other. You share your ideas — half kidding — just to hear how crazy they think you are. Most will have no idea what you’re talking about but nod their head anyway. Deep inside, they’ll probably doubt you. They won’t believe. Thankfully, most won’t have the courage to tell you that. And those that do… take it with a grain of salt.

You like to hear yourself pitch your own idea. You talk to yourself in the shower. You talk to yourself while exercising. You talk to yourself in the bathroom. You try convincing yourself, over and over and over again.

Eventually, you make the move. You go after it.

As you work and build and hustle and attack…. that ‘nothing’ turns into ‘something’. It’s a miracle if that seed actually grows. It’s an even bigger miracle if that seed grows to the point where it sees the light of day. Most don’t.

The problems. The solutions. The highs. The lows. The dreams. The nightmares. The hirings. The firings. The investors. The invested. Oxygen. No oxygen. The drama. The victories. The defeats. Starting a company is not for the feint at heart.


As you witness that seed start to grow — no matter how little the growth or how painful the process — an interesting transformation occurs in you. You start to better understand why you do what you do. You start to understand why you’re putting everything on the line — why you’re maxing out credit cards, sleeping on couches, eating off Ramen and sacrificing everything. It all starts to make sense.

It’s an adrenaline that few experience. It becomes a drug. An addiction. An obsession. It brings satisfaction but certainly not complacency. It brings fuel, but still leaves you hungry. It keeps you going.

You’re really doing it.

You took the blue pill. There’s no turning back. This is how life should be. Your fate rests on your own shoulders. You’re creating something out of nothing. It’s all on you.

Welcome to entrepreneurship.